Early Edition - 01 June 2020
How to work with us
You can advertise on our site (which is currently receiving 50,000 hits per month).
Adverts are displayed in a rotating order on every page, so all our advertisers get an even amount of promotion.
The top-most advert on each page will have a smaller selection set for rotation and so commands a slightly higher rate. Email newsdesk@vintagenews.tv for more information.
Advertise on the website
If you have an event, or launch you would like us to film let us know. 3 or 6 month ahead of time will allow us to plan and promote you effectively. Any help you can give us toward covering costs extends the time we can film for.
Filming Newsreels
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Join us as a Vintage Reporter
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If you've been included in one of our newsreels and would like an 'As featured on...' sign to embed on your site, email newsdesk@vintagenews.tv and we can send you one sharpish!
There are many ways to work with The Vintage News.
Plain Old Photo Journalism
If we cant get the film crew to you we may well be able to send a reporter
The Vintage News is looking for like minded individuals to help us cover the entire nation.
We publish all our footage through YouTube. This enables you to embed the footage on your site. If you are interviewed by us as part of another event You can link to just the point in the film you want. We have no plan to remove any newsreels so you can rely on it being there.

The Photo Journalism reports are available on the site, and possibly partly or just photos may be used on social media.

We have no plan to remove any of the reports either. Some of the reporters may also publish part or all of their reports on their blog/site as part of their freelance nature.
Linking to us
Simply copy and paste the text below into your site.
We can also review your product, album or play, which will be featured on our website and our associated blog.
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