Early Edition - 16 March 2015
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The Classic Car Boot Sale at Southbank
Time For A Refuel?
So what did we think of Hemingway's latest instalment? Firstly, Southbank serves as a much more fitting location for the event, it was really rather pleasing shopping beneath the watchful gaze of the London Eye. There were plenty of stalls catering to most needs and desires. We even found a jolly chap selling boxes of British Tea (and we all know how important tea is in every situation). Which brings me onto the catering.
Tea. It is the fuel which fortifies many a soul (including myself); and similarly I am told coffee produces the same effect. Sadly, there was a total of TWO, yes two, stalls providing us with this hot cuddle in a cup. For an event of this size, this naturally produced obscenely long queues; especially as it was an indescribably cold day.
Unfortunately, this was not the only hiccup in Hemingway's machine. We were able to enter the event seamlessly, however many others had to queue for above an hour (hardly an activity one wants to be doing when it is barely above freezing). We also heard of hapless event-goers whom after exiting the venue, upon attempted re-entry were not allowed back in regardless of displaying their hand-stamps.
Last year's event left us feeling slightly deflated for a number of reasons. The lack of directions and signage to the venue was quite frankly, frustrating. We also found the event much smaller than we had anticipated. Previous incarnations of the event had been held at Southbank; and upon hearing the latest one was to be held there, we deemed it worthy of a visit.
Following our visit to last year's Classic Car Boot Sale; which was held at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park; we thought we would pop along to the latest event - held at London's Southbank.
However, glitches aside; there were many favourable factors to acknowledge.
By definition a car-boot sale can be a rather disappointing affair, with most of the items on offer being grubby children's toys from the 1990's, dog-eared copies of 'Bridget Jones' Diary' and such-like. Not so with the Classic Car Boot Sale. At least here you know that most of the stock will be covetable, producing the internal struggle of 'how many items can I realistically afford without having to sell my relatives/house/car' as opposed to 'if I see one more My Little Pony I may cry'. It is also an excellent place to meet new people and be inspired by the attire of others.
Overall, I would say the 4 entry fee is wholly worth it, and certainly if we lived in London we would attend every time (alas, being based on the South Coast makes the day a 120 mile round-trip).

We visited the Classic Car Boot Sale the morning of Saturday 14th March; upon which this review is written.
Classic Car Boot Sale at Southbank
16 March 2015
Enthusiasts of the 1920s-1940s may find this event somewhat lacking, as it seems to focus on the Rockabilly era of the 1950s-1960s. A notion which was endorsed by the DJ's choice of tunes. Would we visit again? Probably - although I will be taking my flask of precious tea with me next time!