Late Edition - 05 April 2020
Miss Doherty has been living 'vintage' since University. What started as a desire to do a bit of exercise (which led her to jiving) completely took over her life! She has since moved on to Lindy Hop, Northern Soul and '60s dance crazes.

As with many other vintage gals, probably the main draw of this lifestyle is access to so many wonderful clothes and accessories. For Sadie, it has got a bit out of hand - she has such a collection of vintage clothing now that her wardrobe of evening attire has to be kept in a different house! This fascination with putting together the perfect outfit has led her to learn the art of millinery in her spare time - many of the hats featured in our newsreels Sadie has made herself!

Sadie is part of an all female DJ collective known as The Gin Slingers who frequently spin wax at various nights around Brighton. You can hear some of her mixes at

As well as the work Sadie does for The Vintage News, she has been known to choreograph and teach Lindy for plays appearing in the Brighton Festival, first dances, as well as private lessons.

Email Sadie at
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Click on The Vanity Case to be taken to Sadie's blog detailing her exploits as a Vintage reporter.