Standard Edition - 12 October 2012
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"Snakehips" Johnson, we salute you
I was fortunate enough to take part in filming for the BBC's Culture Show at the breaktaking venue, the Cafe de Paris, just off Leicester Square.
The front of this venue sits in amongst other attractions in a much understated way. As you pass through the entrance doors and make your way down the stairs, you quickly start to get a feel of luxury. I was not prepared for the beautiful expanse of the club's interior, but while it has to be one of the best venues I have visited, this quality was not a surprise or shock as it definitely fitted with the prestigious location.
I knew a few of the people that had turned up to dance, and some of them I had seen at other events before this. The shoot that we had been asked to take part in was for a Culture Show special: Swing into the Blitz which we think may be broadcast around December the 21st.

While the dancers were sorting out costumes the crew filmed the band. They were very good, and hearing the speed they were playing at let us dancers know what we were in for.
After a short warm up, we were ready to swing for the camera. In the main we danced lindy-hop, but other swing styles got mixed in by some.
We shook our collective thing for a few renditions of 2 or 3 songs while the camera snuck around the edges of the dancefloor. We reset and the brave cameraman dived into the middle of us. We did manage not to crash into him. The crew seemed quite pleased with the footage they were getting and we completed shooting by mid afternoon.
As this was not our shoot, I only have a few still pictures. I am now interested to film here, but it would not be fair of me to elaborate more about the BBC project. You will have to keep a look-out for the broadcast.

Fun was had
by all

Ken "Snakehips" Johnson

Wartime resident band leader at Cafe de Paris
If you want to end up in this sort of thing, it is probably best to get on mailing lists for the major London dance schools of your chosen style.