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Early Edition - 18 April 2013
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Tweed Run, Actually they cycle
This was our third Tweed Run, and we thought it was about time one of us actualy got on a bike and took part.

With Sadie in her finest tweeds (well, lent to her by the fabulous Auntie Maureen) and astride a Pashley, she was ready for the off.

Kieren and Les tootled along with the pack filming from Betsy (the car).

The route took in many of London's most iconic sites, including Regent Street, the houses of Parliment, Savile Row, Trafalgar square, and Whitehall.
We were also lucky enough to get an interview with the notoriously reclusive, David Vanian. Sadie talked to 'The Damned' singer about his first tweed run and his bicycle.

Auntie Maureen

Her art ranges from heritage performance, music and vintage DJ services