Early Edition - 27 September 2013
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We seem to cause quite a bit of fuss at any event we attend, and sometimes we are in front of other people's cameras as much as our own! If you find any photos or mentions of The Vintage News team, then do send them to newsdesk@vintagenews.tv - we love to see where we've popped up!
While covering the 1940s Relived event at Brooklands museum, Kieren and Jenny (and of course our car Betsy) were captured on film by Horst Friedrichs for his book 'Drive Style' (p. 26, 2013)
Kieren and Jenny were snapped at Twinwood and their photo made it into issue 2 of 'His Vintage Life' magazine (October 2013 issue)
Sadie was interviewed about The Vintage News and her love of all things vintage for the What Katie Did blog (15/08/13) You can read the interview here: http://www.whatkatiedid.com/blog/welcome/733/what-katie-did-lingerie-interview-sadie-of-the-vintage-news
A photo of Sadie taken at the Chap Olympiad was used by a couple of news outlets, The Vancouver Sun (15/07/13) and the Guardian online (15/07/13).
Kieren, Sadie and Jenny appeared in a three page article in Time Out London celebrating things to do in London's great parks in the summer (02/07/13)
While we were filming the Hollywood Costume Exhibition launch at the Victoria and Albert museum, Sadie was interviewed for the Chinese Television channel, CNC World (14/11/12)
At the Chap Olympiad, there is always a lot of press (none quite as stylish as us, of course!) and so we ended up in a couple of style sections!

Kieren was in the Independent's 'I' paper (14/07/12)...
...whereas Sadie's photograph was heavily featured on the Elle website (12/07/12)
Even our car Betsy has been the star of a photo shoot (well, not really the star, but go with it), this time in none other than Vogue Italia (07/12/12)
We were the feature of two articles in Spring 2012

The first, in the Sunday Express (29/04/12) and also in the local Brighton paper, The Argus (07/05/12)