Late Edition - 04 November 2013
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Review of "Albuquerque Turkey' by Bad Bad Whiskey
We interviewed the Bad Bad Whiskey boys last year at Vintage Nation, and now they are back with a new drummer and a new album - 'Albuquerque Turkey'. It's been a while since their debut 'Home Cookin'' was released in December 2011, so it was about time that we heard from the Godfathers of Skifflebilly.

Along with Don Gio on drums, Bad Bad Whiskey is comprised of Citizen Lane, (singer, guitarist and handy with a harmonica) and The Moocher, who rounds off the trio on the double bass. Together, they play a mixture of rockabilly, skiffle (et voilą- skifflebilly), rhythm & blues and jazz, all with a skiffle edge. The album was recorded as live, with the band all gathered around a microphone in Gio's shed - it gives the whole recording a slightly unrefined quality that really suits the music...

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