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Standard Edition - 02 February 2014
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Twinwood Festival Update
Twinwood Festival Update
Twinwood festival stands out as one of the highlights of the summer. It has been brilliant every time we have attended. The organisers understand Twinwood has to keep evolving, so when we saw a few grumbles online we thought it best to side-step the gossip and ask the organisers what is occurring....
Over the years we have been very careful with our selection of acts and artists at Twinwood Festival, and we are proud of the quality entertainment that they have all delivered.
Twinwood is also very proud of the many compliments it receives every year and also thankful for all the helpful criticism. The latter is looked at very seriously and when we feel that there is a thread to a certain item we do then follow up on the advice that our valued customers give us.
One of the things that is increasing at quite a rate is the criticism of singers performing to recorded music and such is the level of these observations that we decided to have only artists who have live backing. We made this announcement some time ago and have signed up some great up and coming bands of all sizes. The response has been amazing with record ticket sales thus vindicating our decision by following the wishes of the public.

Of course there are some fabulous artists on the scene singing to recorded music and everyone that Twinwood has booked in the past have been great. Artists like Maddie Brown, Adam Hoffman, Sincerely Yours, to name but a few, have graced our stages and we believe have done a marvellous job.
I would urge these talented singers to get live backing, even if it is just a pianist. They’ll find it takes them into another league. Just look at that trio The Three Belles who now perform with the Bevin Boys, Lola and her Blue light Boys (now playing top London venues as well as festivals), and then Alexandra Carter who just has an accordion or piano accompanist, and there are many, many more.
It’s not exactly rocket science. Ask anyone if they want live music with real musicians or recorded backing. I think you know the answer.
So come on you talented singers, give a young musician a break and get one to back you. There are loads of talented musicians out there who’d love the opportunity. You’ll get a lot more gigs and start earning some decent money.

David Wooding
Twinwood Events
We think that is a fair case. While this makes performers lives more complex, it will produce an authentic result. It all comes down to creating the mood so the guests make it the great event it is.